About the Authors

Melissa (Ann Maree) and Michelle (M. Lynn) have been writing together for many years with over thirty published co-written books and even more solo books. They've written multiple genres together but fantasy and sweet romance will always be their for-love books.

Curvy Girls Can Rule was the first book they wrote together, and it sparked a business partnership and friendship that has lasted many years and has many more ahead.

When they aren't writing together, Melissa writes Urban Fantasy and mythology books, while Michelle loves to tackle familiar fairytales and make them new.

They're obsessed with their dogs, finding time to read, and traveling the world together.

But mostly, they spend way too much time scrolling Booktok.

  • The Winemaker - Author Cait Marie

    There’s drama. There’s betrayal. It’s enemies to lovers, with a cold man who’s secretly sweet and a fiercely independent woman with big dreams.

    This book is everything.

    As always, the book is well written. Craven and MacQueen do such a wonderful job of bringing these characters to life.

  • Always a Bride... Publisher's Weekly

    "Written with humor and verve, Always a Bride rolls merrily along to its predictably happy ending. Refreshingly, there are no sex scenes; the emphasis is on love and romance, not sex and steaminess.Michelle McQueen has a good time bringing her couple and her readers to the happy ending. She genuinely likes the characters she is writing about, and it comes across on the page."

  • Book Succubus - The Reluctant Queen

    "Fast paced, action packed, Norse Mythology fantasy! I love Norse Mythology so this was a must for me and Melissa did not disappoint. Thea is all that I could ask for in a Valkyrie and so much more."