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Fae's End

Fae's End

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A boy searching for an end to the fighting.

A girl trapped in a nightmare of her father’s making.

White walls. Locked doors. A kid’s voice in her head.

Sophie’s father believes she has lost her mind, that her trip to the fae world might have healed her body, but it also turned her into one of them. He’s sent her to a place for humans suffering from brutal encounters with the fae.

But Sophie knows he’s hiding a dark secret. One that will change her world forever.

Main Tropes

  • Fae Romance
  • Portal Fantasy
  • Fae-Human Romance


A boy searching for an end to the fighting.

A girl trapped in a nightmare of her father’s making. 

White walls. Locked doors. A kid’s voice in her head. 

Sophie’s father believes she has lost her mind, that her trip to the fae world might have healed her body, but it also turned her into one of them. He’s sent her to a place for humans suffering from brutal encounters with the fae. 

But Sophie knows he’s hiding a dark secret. One that will change her world forever. 

With the help of a young boy with an odd power, Sophie is determined to survive long enough to reveal to the world what the doctors are doing to the fae deep within the bowels of the Clarkson Institute. 

Gulliver is determined to find Sophie. Has to tell her he’s sorry he couldn’t keep her safe. It’s risky, more dangerous than anything he’s ever attempted, but he can’t leave her in that awful place. With two Iskaltian queens at his side, he believes. In the power they possess and the good they can do for everyone. 

He’s just Gullie, but Brea and Tia have the power to bring real change. 

It might take a miracle to save Sophie and both their worlds, but Gulliver and his friends have a plan. A plan to bring peace to human and Fae alike. 

He just never dreamed peace would cost so much.


Smoke filled the air as another explosion cracked against the weakening shields over Aghadoon. 

“Get down!” Toby ran at Gulliver, smashing into him and sending them both to the cobblestones. The building behind them erupted, raining down rocks and rubble on their heads. 

Toby covered him with his body. 

Breath wheezed in Gullie’s lungs as he stared up at the hole in Aghadoon’s shield, a shield of magic that was supposed to be impenetrable. But this wasn’t magic. At least, not in the fae sense. The human’s technology had proven to be more powerful than even Tia’s magic. 

“You okay?” Toby yelled in his ear. 

But the ringing in Gulliver’s own ears drowned out his voice as Toby climbed off him. 

“We have to get to cover.” Gullie’s voice wasn’t loud enough, but he couldn’t seem to yell, not amidst the chaos of the battle. 

Toby yanked him to his feet, and they took off running. 

“Gullie, I could use your magic.” Griff waved him toward the library. 

Gullie stumbled after him. “How?” No one ever needed the defensive powers of the dark fae. Except now, it was still more than what the half-fae had. 

They reached the library that held every bit of magic known to fae kind. If they lost this … well, Gullie wasn’t sure if the library could be destroyed, but he didn’t want to find out. He’d seen what the burning of a spell did. It no longer existed. They’d destroyed the marriage bonds that way, and now, every other power that existed in their world was at risk. 

By bringing Aghadoon to the human realm as a place of refuge, they may have doomed magic itself. 

“We have to protect the library.” Griff lifted his hands, creating a shield between them. The moon had only barely risen in the sky, so his power would grow, but for now, it had to be enough. “I need you to focus on your magic, Gullie. Like you never have before. There’s a chance we could use it to buy us more time.”  

Gulliver concentrated. Dark Fae magic was like a built-in armor. It was just there. But now he needed to extend that protection as far as he could. He couldn’t do it on his own. His power didn’t work that way. Griff had to try to pull it from him, using his own magic to turn that of the Dark Fae into something more useful.

An explosion sounded behind him, followed by Xavier screaming orders. 

“Everyone down!” 

Griff didn’t move. “Not us, Gulliver.” 

“Dad.” A tear leaked from his eye as he fought to strengthen Griffin’s shield, to hold on to the thread of power feeding into his father. It was like nothing he’d ever felt before. The raw power of his defensive magic seared his chest, flooding his body with a strange energy. 

“Hold on, Gullie.” Griff shouted over the explosions from the human weapons. 

But he didn’t know how this worked. “I can’t hold it.” He grappled with the power he didn’t know how to control.

“Yes, you can. You have to.” 

He gritted his teeth, letting loose a roar as his muscles contracted and Griff pulled the magic from him, somehow boosting his own. 

Gullie had been to war before, but this time was different. When the fae battled, they were on mostly even footing. Magic against magic.

The humans had the power to wipe them from the face of their world with weapons they’d never seen. And they wanted that more than anything. 

A plane came into view over the village, and Gullie could hear the half-fae leaders shouting to those who’d come to fight, but he couldn’t make out what they were saying. 

Someone sprinted toward them, and Gullie sensed Brandon’s magic the moment he joined forces with Griffin in protecting the library. The three of them were the only ones with any kind of significant power in this village, but the village itself did its best to deflect the raining fire from the violent human weapons. 

They’d barely seen any human warriors, but the humans didn’t need to come out to fight when they had what Xavier called bombs and missiles. 

“Keep going.” Brandon’s voice was calm, certain. He gave no indication that he realized he was one of the reasons magic was in danger. If anyone said that to him, he’d most likely respond with the fact that the half-fae of L.A. were also mostly still alive because the village had been there to protect them. What’s more important, Gulliver? Magic or fae?

He’d always thought they were one and the same. A fae was nothing without the power they were meant to have. But then, he saw Tia lose it and find herself. He witnessed a kingdom where magic was scarce but hope was still alive. If this library burned up right now, their way of life would change, but they’d still have those lives. 

Gulliver turned to Brandon as his father’s pull on his magic waned. “We need to get everyone into the village.” 

He’d broken the unspoken rule of the fae once. Those with human blood were not to be taken to their world. But Myles … Alona … Sophie. The world hadn't ended because they broke a rule. 

“Where are you going?” Griffin yelled. 

Gullie looked back over his shoulder. “We’re taking them to the fae realm. Prepare the village.”

Griff opened his mouth likely to protest, but then seemed to think better of it. Brandon didn’t hesitate to run for the village square, where he would work the ancient stones to move the village. 

Orla was near the broken pillars at the front gate, shards of rock at her feet. This woman led the fae of L.A. She’d kept them safe until now. Would she agree to a retreat? 

“Gullie, get back inside,” she yelled, shoving him behind her as another flying death machine circled the village. Lines of half-fae took cover outside the village, aiming their weapons into the sky. 

Fire erupted from the back of the machine, and it veered toward the ground. Fae scrambled out of the way, some launching into the air as a crash shook the earth beneath their feet.

Gullie’s hand shot out to grip the wall. “They need to get inside. Now.”

She scowled back at him. “Are you nuts, kid? My soldiers just took a U.S. Air Force jet out of the sky. We can’t stop now.” 

The soldiers in question neared the downed jet, weapons raised as a man crawled out, choking. He looked injured, one leg not moving. One of the soldiers closed in, shouting to him, and the man raised his arms in surrender. 

Gullie tugged on Orla’s arm to get her attention. “If your men and women don’t get inside this village right now, they’ll be left behind.”

She finally turned to him. “What did you just say?”

“We’re taking the village to the fae realm to regroup.” 

She shook her head. “Leave me alone, boy. We aren't retreating now, not when were so close to finishing this once and for all.”

“You’re going to finish it in a body sack.” He didn’t know if that was the right word, and Tia would have most likely corrected him, but right now he didn’t care. He wouldn’t leave them behind. “Get inside this village. Now.” It was an order, one he was sure to catch hell for. “I promise you’ll regret it if you don’t.” 

She studied him for a moment before another bomb went off behind them, throwing them onto their hands and knees. Pain seared up Gulliver’s arms, and blood seeped through cuts in his palms. 

Orla lifted her head and pushed to her feet. “Retreat!” she screamed. “Everyone back inside these walls. Now!” 

Soldiers ran toward them, and once Gullie was satisfied they’d make it, he took off for the town square. The shield was still intact over this part of the village, making it quieter than the rest. 

Brandon, Griffin, Toby, and Xavier stood ready to make a move. 

“It’s going to transport us … with it?” Xavier sounded like he didn’t know if that would be better than facing the bombs falling from the sky. 

Griff ignored him. “Where are we going?”

“Not Iskalt,” Toby and Gullie said at the same time. 

“We’re coming back,” Toby said. “That will be infinitely harder if my sister locks me in the safety of the palace.”

Gullie didn’t disagree with that. There was no way Tia would send them back into a war. Not like she’d sent Sophie. He’d done his best not to think of her, to wonder where she was, if she watched her father and those like him try to wipe a race of people from their world and turned away. 

“Fargelsi means explaining to Neeve why the village is half destroyed.” Brandon shook his head. “Eldur it is.”

Queen Alona and Finn would provide them with the aid they needed and the repairs to the village without the doubt and chastisement. Without trying to prevent them from returning to protect the rest of the half-fae living in this world. 

Brandon started the spell, drawing on his Fargelsian magic that didn’t need the sun or the moon as he pushed stones into place. Gullie didn’t know how it worked exactly, only that the stones controlled the path of the village and where it would end up.

Fire lit up the dark sky as a building nearby went up in flames. It was the home he’d once stayed in with Tia and Toby as children when they’d hidden from their parents so they wouldn’t be sent away from a fight they belonged in. Now, it too was gone. 

Just like so many other things. 

Brandon’s unintelligible words filled the air with a thickness as they simmered like a pot ready to boil over. His muscles shook as he pushed the last stone into place.

Xavier’s hand slid into Toby’s, and Gullie stepped closer to his father. Something wasn’t right. They could all feel it. 

“It’s so much power,” Brandon grit out, his knees collapsing. He fell to the stones. “The village, it’s trying.” 

When he opened his eyes, they were bloodshot and hazy. 

“Dad, help him.” Gullie shoved Griff toward Brandon. 

Griff bent down to help him up. “Take a break and try again.” 

Brandon shook his head. “I started the spell. I can’t stop it now.” He whispered a string of words in Fargelsian. “I can only give it more strength from my own magic.” He struggled to get the words of magic out through gritted teeth.

Cracks formed in the stone beneath their feet. The damage wasn’t from a bomb or any sort of human explosion. No, this was magic. 

“Aghadoon is destroying itself.” Toby yanked Xavier away from a fissure opening under them. 

“Brandon.” Griffin shook him. “Come on, old man. Fix this. There has to be a spell in the library to stop it. Tell me which one.” 

Brandon’s breath came in short gasps. “I can’t … hold it.” 

“What can we do to help?” Toby asked. “Grandfather, tell us what to do.” 

“Holding the shield … trying to transport this many people … Aghadoon is injured. It doesn’t have enough magic. The village is dying. I can feel it.” 

“No.” Griff kneeled next to him. “Tell me the spell. I don’t have Fargelsian magic, but I know the language. Maybe I can help.” 

Griff hadn’t spoken of his knowledge of Fargelsian in years. He didn’t like to think about his years as the mad queen’s surrogate son. At least, that was what Gullie’s mother told him.

“Me too.” Toby moved to their side. “I don’t have magic, but I do have Fargelsian blood.” 

Brandon nodded and started a strengthening spell. “Lopeta tuho ja ota minulta voima.” 

The other’s joined in, repeating the same lines over and over until a crowd formed up and everyone was chanting the Fargelsian words. 

Lopeta tuho ja ota minulta voima.

The ground trembled and an earsplitting crack shrieked through the village as a line ran down the cobblestone street to the nearest building, splitting it in two. 

Orla ran toward them. “Everyone is inside,” she told Gullie. “You promise me, kid. We’re coming back.” 

He nodded, hardly hearing her words as he watched his father sink lower to the ground, the weight of the village’s magic around his neck. Those without magic didn’t appear affected, standing straighter, their voices grew louder as they spoke the spell that seemed to give strength to the ancient words. 

It was no use. 

Brandon fell over and Gullie scrambled to him. “Don’t stop. You can’t.” He wrapped his arms around the older man, willing his defensive magic to give him what he needed. 

The shield above them let out a thunderous boom as another rupture ripped through it. Soon, it would be completely down, and they’d be at the mercy of the humans. 

Brandon grappled to hold on to Gulliver’s arm. “The village can’t hold the shield and transport this many people.” His gaze shot past Gullie to his grandson. “But there’s another way.” 

Gullie looked over his shoulder to find that Toby had heard him and was in a battle of wills, his eyes not leaving Brandon’s. The old man was right, of course. 

It had been over ten years since Toby took an entire army through one of his portals, but he was the only fae to have ever been able to do such a thing. Most O’Sheas could only transport a handful of fae with them. 

Even Griff couldn’t accomplish such a feat. 

But the last time Toby did, it was by force when King Egan held him prisoner. 

Griffin lifted his head. “Gullie, you and Toby have to get them out. They’re our people. No matter where they choose to live.”

“What are they talking about?” Xavier looked from Griff and Brandon to Toby. “If the village can’t move, then how …” 

“Toby’s magic,” Griffin gasped. “It’s the only way.” 

Xavier backed away. “You told me you had no magic.” 

Toby sighed, a dejected set to his shoulders.

“He doesn’t,” Gullie blurted. “Well, it’s not normal kind of fae magic.” Yet, it was the only kind of magic that could save them now.

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