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Fae's Envoy

Fae's Envoy

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A fae on a mission to protect his people.
A human girl on the brink of death.

With a sentient tail and cat-like eyes, Gulliver O’Shea has always been different, and everyone can see it. Except for his best friend, the queen of Iskalt. She treats him like he matters. So, when she says jump, he flies. And when she asks him to travel through a portal to a strange human city and gather information on a dangerous group attacking fae, he… reluctantly realizes he has no choice.

Main Tropes

  • Fae Romance
  • Portal Fantasy
  • Fae-Human Romance


A fae on a mission to protect his people.

A human girl on the brink of death.

With a sentient tail and cat-like eyes, Gulliver O’Shea has always been different, and everyone can see it. Except for his best friend, the queen of Iskalt. She treats him like he matters. So, when she says jump, he flies. And when she asks him to travel through a portal to a strange human city and gather information on a dangerous group attacking fae, he… reluctantly realizes he has no choice.

He just didn’t expect he would have to bring along a sullen Toby—lost after the death of his intended—or that New Orleans would be so much more frightening than the small human farm he was used to visiting.

Gulliver’s obsession with everything human brings him face to face with a girl unlike any he’s ever met before. Sophie-Ann Devereaux. She’s kind and clumsy and… sick. So sick he knows her frail human body won’t last much longer.

The closer he gets to the humans behind the fae attacks, the more he realizes what he’s done. He’s failed Tia. Lost his mission. Become as useless as he always feared he was. Because the waitress, the one fading from this world, isn’t just a random human girl.

Her father is the man Gullie was sent to find.

Together with his second in command, they intend to erase the fae from their world. And they’ll resort to any means necessary to see it done.


Cold. Freezing cold air seeped into the throne room at the Iskalt palace. Despite the multiple hearths blazing. Despite thick velvet rugs covering the stone floors. Despite the warmth that normally enveloped the people sitting around the circular table. 

Because none of them knew why they were here, except Gullie. Darn Tia for bringing him into this mess. All he’d been able to convince her of was that they had to consult the other royals when they arrived and couldn’t just act unilaterally to fix the problem. And a big freaking problem it was.  

A gathering of all the ruling royals of the now five kingdoms didn’t happen often. There were only two circumstances that could make one of them call on their peers in any official capacity. 

An imminent death. Or war. 

Gulliver didn’t want them to think Tia was dying. Magic, he hoped they didn’t assume that. New fear imagined, he paced along the rear of the throne room where all the other plebeians stood. Each had been invited into this meeting for one reason or another. None had royal blood. Well, none except his parents. 

“Why am I here?” he mumbled to himself. He understood why his father and mother were told to come. King Hector of Myrkur rarely made any decisions without consulting them first. Sure, Gulliver was a friend of Queen Tierney’s—he still couldn’t get used to that crown on her head—but that didn’t make him one of them. Tia wanted him involved in this, but he didn’t see what he could do.

He didn’t belong among the lawmakers, the magic wielders, those with the power to hold the kingdoms together or break them apart. Never before had there been a time where they were more united. Yet, a chilling foreboding filled the air. 

“Will you stand still?” Griff hissed. “You’re putting your mother on edge.”

Riona scowled at him. “Speak for yourself. If I were Gullie, I’d be pacing too. Why was he summoned with the rest of us, Griff?”

“Exactly.” Gulliver pointed at his mother. “I should be safe in my room here at the palace. It’s my right as the queen’s best friend.”

“It’s the middle of the afternoon.” Griff did not look amused. 

“And?” Gulliver didn’t care what time it was. He wanted to curl up and sleep. They had arrived only yesterday and Tia had forced him into her rooms almost immediately to tell him of the news from her father. Before that, he’d been in Lenya as an emissary to oversee the delivery of the newest shipment of crystals. Without one of the O’Shea’s, it was a long journey back. 

Gulliver caught sight of one such O’Shea as Toby slouched in and leaned against the wall nearest the exit, trying not to be seen. Gulliver hadn’t seen Toby much since his boyfriend, Prince Logan, died in a terrible accident in the fire plains. In fact, it would be six months ago tomorrow. They’d both been busy. 

He skirted along the wall to reach the prince. “Tobes.”

“Quiet.” Toby looked at his feet. 

Gulliver glanced toward the table, where the rulers of Eldur, Fargelsi, Myrkur, and Lenya chatted amongst themselves, tension thick in the air.

“No one is paying attention to the likes of us.” He leaned beside him. “Do you know what this is about?” 

“No.” So, Tia hadn’t even confided in Toby? Were Kier and Gulliver the only ones she trusted now?

“Do you know why I’m here?” 

“Not everything is about you.” 

Gulliver’s tail smacked Toby in the face. The prince didn’t even flinch. “Don’t be rude. I just want to know why the summons my parents received demanded my presence as well.”

“I don’t know. Maybe you ran afoul of my sister and everyone is here to watch her hang you by your tail.” 

Gulliver twisted to look at his tail. It flicked like it had a mind of its own. “Don’t listen to him. Tia would never hurt you.” His cat-like eyes narrowed. He opened his mouth to say something to the prince he knew he probably shouldn’t but stopped when the ornate double doors, carved with intricate scenes from Iskaltian history, opened, revealing Queen Tierney in all her regal finery. 

For a girl who never wanted to be queen, she sure took to the role magnificently in her ice-blue gown trimmed in silver. Her collar sat high on her neck, clasped at her throat with a silver brooch encrusted with fire opals, matching the one nestled in her strawberry blond hair. 

Next to her, Keir Dagnan wore a jacket that matched her dress. They looked like a perfect set, but Gulliver saw it for what it was. A performance. This was the first time in her reign Tierney would host the other rulers, some of whom were her aunts and uncles, and she sure knew how to make an entrance.

For a moment, she met Gulliver’s gaze and winked. 

“Hello.” She reached the long table and released Keir’s arm. They took two of the many open seats at the table, leaving their thrones vacant on the dais behind them. “Thank you all for coming.” Lifting her eyes to those along the far wall, she smiled. “Please, everyone, come sit. I have called you all here for a reason, and it affects more than just those who sit on thrones.” 

Thrones Tia continued to refuse to sit on. The last time Gulliver was here, she’d said she still thought of it as her father’s seat. Brea and Lochlan were suspiciously absent. They had taken the youngest children to the human realm for some traveling, only returning occasionally to deliver news of the other world.

The only members of Tia’s family that remained in Iskalt were Toby and their sister Kayleigh. 

Gulliver didn’t hesitate, walking forward and collapsing into a chair next to the king consort of Fargelsi. 

Myles looked at him out of the corner of his eye. “You could at least pretend to be graceful.” 

A grin spread across Gulliver’s face. “And what fun would that be, Oh great and mighty King Consort Myles?” 

Myles rolled his eyes, but Gulliver caught the hint of a smile coming to his face. 

Griff and Riona took their seats, as did Toby and a few other dignitaries Gulliver couldn’t place. Once they were all seated, there were no more empty chairs. Tierney definitely knew how to plan. And she also knew not a single person would decline the invitation. 

Gulliver raised his hand. 

Finn, King Consort of Eldur, laughed, as did a few others. King Keir sighed and whispered something to Tia. 

She shook her head and snapped back. “What is it, Gullie?”

“I don’t think I should be here. Your summons must have been a mistake.”

She looked straight at him, her eyes glinting with a danger he knew all too well. “A mistake?”

“Um, yes?” He swallowed. There were few people in this life he feared, but his best friend was one of them. 

“Care to withdraw that statement?” 

“Leave him alone, Tia.” Queen Alona to the rescue. 

Tia lifted an eyebrow, glaring at her aunt for only a moment before a laugh echoed out of her. “I’m sorry, Gullie. You’re just so easy. Of course you need to be here. We have to discuss an imminent danger, one I already spoke to you of. That’s why you’re here. Plus, I’ve decided you are to move to Iskalt and become one of my council members.” She cocked her head. “Did I forget to tell you? Oops.” Her mouth quirked into a half-smile and Gulliver vowed to wring her neck the next time they were alone. Could he be faulted for committing regicide if the queen in question technically wasn’t his? 

Tia didn’t forget anything. She had a mind like no other, and she knew Gulliver would have declined with a big old ‘over my dead body’. Unless she asked him to do it in public. Then, he’d have no choice. His jaw tightened. Guess he was becoming a politician. “It would be my honor, your Majesty.” He gave a curt bow and hit her with his best ‘you’re going to get an earful later’ glare.

“Wonderful.” She turned to the others. “Again, thank you all for coming. I am sorry for the short notice and for the necessity of sending Prince Tobias to fetch you through his portal rather than allowing you to travel by more … comfortable means.” 

“I hate portals,” Myles grumbled. 

“They’re so disorienting.” Finn shook his head. 

“That is not the point.” Tia stood, placing both hands on the table. “I’m afraid we face a problem that affects all fae. We’re receiving reports of attacks on both fae and humans accused of cooperating with fae in the human realm.” 

Silence followed her words, but it only lasted a moment before shouted questions volleyed around the room. 

“How is this possible?”

“Who is perpetrating the attacks?” 

“How many Fae could there even be in the human realm?”

“How do we stop them?” 

Griff leaned back. “Did my brother bring you this news?” 

Tia lifted one brow. “Yes. The King of Iskalt is still watching out for us, as always.” She put a special emphasis on the title her father no longer held. Since he basically forced the crown on her, Tia’s reverence for her father had gone up a few notches. She’d told Gulliver she understood him better now that she felt the weight of this kingdom on her own shoulders. He wondered if she regretted all those youthful rebellions, but who was he kidding. It was Tia. Probably not.

Tia held up a hand, magic sparking and crackling from her fingertips. Everyone quieted down. 

“Wow,” she breathed. “Even works on royalty.” 

“Tia …” Neeve, Queen of Fargelsi, prodded. 

“Right.” Tia leaned forward. Her eyes flicked to Gulliver with a look he didn’t understand, but then they moved around the table to each royal in turn. “My father believes the attacks are organized, and from what he’s told me, I agree with him.” 

Griff shook his head. He knew more about the human realm than most fae. “But our features appear human there as long as we use glamours. How do they even know where to find the few fae who’ve managed to reach the human realm?” 

“We haven’t figured that out yet. My father believes there are more fae and half-fae there than we ever knew. Their non-human features are more subtle than ours, probably because their blood has been mixed with humans over many generations. And we all know the Dark Fae don’t even need glamours to appear human. Their defensive magic does the trick. It seems before any of us were born, there have been fae and half-fae living among humans. It’s quite a success story, actually. They must have escaped generations of war here, either via Aghadoon or led into the human realm by an O’Shea ancestor. Then, they bred with the humans and created their own communities. I’d love to study it someday and—”

“Tia …” Neeve shook her head, steering her back on track. 

“Fine, no history lesson. What you need to know is there are likely dozens—maybe even a few hundred—fae descendants in the human realm and they’re currently being hunted and murdered. It is our duty to help them.”

No one spoke for a long moment before Alona, one of the only humans in the group, sighed. “I do not know the human realm as I should. It is where I was born, but I have never lived there. Yet, I have read as much as I can, and it seems to me that wars are as commonplace there as ice storms in Iskalt. Are we sure these are targeted attacks and not just their usual human violence?” 

Tia paused, and Gulliver could see it on her face. She wasn’t sure of that at all. “I think it’s—”

“Don’t think, Tia,” Neeve said. “For us to act, you have to know.” 

“But it’s …” She sighed and slid down in her chair. Movement caught Gulliver’s eyes. Keir taking Tierney’s hand under the table. “One community has already been targeted. What if it happens to another one?”

“And what if it doesn’t?” Alona scrubbed a hand over her face. “Tia, you’re young, but I believed in your father when he gave you the crown. You are ready, and yet, you still have much to learn. I hope you will let us all teach you because one day, you will make the best queen Iskalt has ever known.”

The words were honest, but even Gulliver knew it wasn’t the right time for a public teachable moment. Here, in Tia’s own throne room, with all other royals in attendance. 

“She is already a great queen,” Queen Bronagh of Lenya came to her defense. “She has always shown great care for all fae, even those not of her world. Lenya would have died if it wasn’t for her. I wouldn’t turn my back on other fae experiencing the same fate. But perhaps we should proceed with caution? We need more information before we can act.” 

A few others nodded. Across the table, King Hector sat perfectly still. Many had wondered if he was the right man to rule Myrkur when Riona named him king. Of all those present, he knew how it felt to suddenly have a crown thrust upon his head. Neeve should understand that too, but she had always been a leader, even before her father abdicated his throne.

Gulliver kicked Myles to get him to stand up for the niece he’d always adored. Myles sat up straighter and kicked Gulliver back. ‘You do it’, he was saying. Myles was right. As a reluctant part of her council now, it was up to Gulliver to take her side. 

“I think we should send a group into the human realm after these as—fools.” He cleared his throat, trying not to lose his cool in front of the most important fae in the realm. “We have to do something to help them.” 

“No.” That was Hector. “Sending anyone who isn’t familiar with the human realm risks further discovery. We must protect what we have here. Those fae chose to live among humans. They are out of our reach now.”

Gulliver would show Hector out of his reach when he jumped across the table and strangled him. 

“Are we all agreed, then?” Griff rapped his knuckles on the table. “We wait for more information from Loch?” 

Heads bobbed around the table, and Gulliver vibrated with anger, this time directed at his father. How could he abandon those fae? It didn’t matter that they chose to live with humans or that they had forsaken their heritage. They were fae, and they were in trouble. It was their responsibility to care for all fae. It was their only job. Even when the fae in question lived across the veil.

Everyone stood except for Tia. She sat stone-still in her high-backed wooden chair, her face a mask of the perfect queen. Calm. Confident. But Gulliver knew what brewed behind it because it reflected in him.

“Tia.” Alona stopped beside her chair. “Since we’re all here, I’m hoping to engage in some trade talks before we go home.”

Tia nodded. “Sure, Aunt A.” 

Alona moved along the table and put a hand on Toby’s shoulder. He ripped away from her and fled the room. Her shoulders sagged, and Gulliver couldn’t hold on to his anger toward her. Not when she still mourned Logan’s death. He was her only son. 

They filed out of the room, but Gulliver stayed. He hadn’t seen Tia in months before last night and just wanted to hold her and tell her to forget about the rest of them. She was already a great queen. When he, Keir, and Tia were the only ones who remained, he walked up beside her and bent down for a hug. Her head rested on his shoulder. 

“I can’t believe you’d betray me like that.” Gullie patted her shoulder. 

“What?” She sniffled and lifted her head. Tears dampened her cheeks, and Gulliver hated them all for making her cry. 

“Council member, really?” 

“Oh, that.” She wiped her eyes. “I just really wanted you here after …”

“After what?” 

“I need you to risk your life for me again, Gul. I have no one else.”

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