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Fae's Prisoner

Fae's Prisoner

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A traitor in search of redemption. A king’s champion on a mission. 

He wants to free his people, but she’s determined he’ll never succeed. 

This time, Griffin will have to decide if becoming a traitor—again—will lead to the redemption he seeks.

Main Tropes

  • Fae Romance
  • Portal Fantasy
  • Hate To Love
  • Prison World
  • Lost Memories
  • Found Family


A traitor in search of redemption. A king’s champion on a mission. 
He wants to free his people, but she’s determined he’ll never succeed. 

The moment Griffin crossed into the prison realm, every fae he’d ever known forgot he existed. Left with nothing—not even his magic—he’s had to survive in a land of eternal darkness where a ruthless king terrorizes his subjects. 

Now, he must return to his homeland with one purpose—destroy the magic binding the Dark Fae to the prison realm—or suffer the consequences.

But he isn’t alone. Riona, a devoted supporter of the Dark King, watches his every move, forcing him to remain focused on their mission, even when facing a brother who does not recognize him, a former love who doesn’t know him, and two children who could be the key to everything. 
This time, Griffin will have to decide if becoming a traitor—again—will lead to the redemption he seeks.


Ten years of cruel darkness and starvation.

Ten years of scraping by in a prison realm, of bowing before a king who liked nothing more than seeing his people on their knees. 

But Griffin O’Shea had no delusions. He deserved his fate, deserved the punishment that sent him across the powerful barrier surrounding the fae prison realm, to have everyone outside that barrier forget he ever existed. 

He tried to forget too, tried to put his brother from his mind, to forget the woman he’d married—not that she’d wanted to marry him. He’d felt it all those years ago, the moment their marriage bond shattered the day he left his old life behind. 

There were only two ways to get out of a fae marriage. 


Or a fate worse than death. The prison realm.

Griffin’s anger had long since subsided over the fate his brother and his wife allowed him to choose, the one they’d accepted without a fight. There was no time for hatred anymore, no time to do anything but survive. 

Which was what Griffin tried to do. 

The cheers from the gathering crowd reached him where he leaned against the cold stone wall of the tunnel beneath the castle. For ten years, he’d managed to avoid the notice of King Egan Byrne, but that wasn’t possible anymore, not when the people he’d grown to care about were in danger. 

But he’d failed them. 

Failed to infiltrate the castle, failed to save the little girl who looked to him with so much trust. 

He pushed off the wall and paced the length of the tunnel. 

He didn’t deserve Nessa’s trust. When Nessa’s sister, Shauna, found him on his first day here, he hadn’t deserved her kindness or her friendship. She’d saved his life that day.

But he deserved this day, now. 

The crowd, come to watch the newest battle, would assume Griffin had betrayed King Egan. He supposed he had, but that wasn’t why Griffin wanted this, why a fight for his life was long overdue. 

If they knew the true reason he was here in the prison realm, he'd lose their trust. 

He’d been an ally of Queen Regan O’Rourke, the now dead sorceress of Fargelsi. If word got out, not even Nessa would look to him with trust. 

Because the queen he’d spent most of his life in service to sent a good many of them here—to a realm the rest of the fae world forgot existed. The fourth kingdom of Myrkur. The realm of the Dark Fae, where it was always night and Griffin O’Shea held no magic. 

If he died today, he would die still feeling like a traitor. 

Light footsteps echoed through the tunnel behind him, and he lifted his head to find Gulliver, an orphaned kid Griffin found about a year after joining Shauna’s village. They’d been together ever since. 

But he shouldn’t be here. “Gullie, what in the name of all the realms do you think you’re doing here?”

Gulliver narrowed his cat-like eyes. His tail curled around his middle. He wasn’t the first Dark Fae Griffin had met with such features. Before crossing the prison barrier, he hadn’t thought fae like him existed. 

But they did. Here in Myrkur some fae had tails or tusks, others had horns or wings. They were the Dark Fae, exiled to this realm generations ago. 

“I came to see you.” Gulliver crossed his arms, trying to project strength like he always did when he thought he was in trouble. 

Griffin sighed. He didn’t want his last words to his twelve-year-old charge to be a chastisement. “If the king or his men catch you here—”

“I know. I know. They’ll take me as an indentured servant to work in the mines.” He flashed Griffin a grin. “Good thing they never catch me.”

“Yet,” Griffin grumbled. “They haven’t caught you yet.” Gulliver was a thief. A good one. He had the ability to move around unseen, unheard. And his tail was lightning quick, shoving his stolen bounty away faster than a blink. It came in handy. “Were you trying to sneak up on me?”

“No. That would be useless. You always seem to know I’m there.” Gulliver kicked at a rock on the ground before lifting his vulnerable eyes to Griffin “The crowd says you’re going to fight the king’s greatest warrior.” 

“Gullie, I’m going to be okay.”

“Do you promise?”

Griffin sighed but didn’t respond. They both knew it was a promise he wasn’t sure he could keep. “You’ve never seen me fight.” He’d had many chances to wield a sword over the years but mostly to protect their secret village from other Dark Fae. There was a difference between that kind of fight and single combat with a trained swordsman. “Have you seen my competitor yet?”

Gulliver shook his head. “Do you think it’ll be a Dark Fae?” His eyes narrowed to slits. “Or Tuatha De Dannon?”

“Probably Dark Fae.” The king only took Dark Fae into his employ. Light Fae, those like Griffin, were more likely to be indentured servants, and the Tuatha De Dannon were land fae, like Gulliver. An ancient race of fae born here in Myrkur but enslaved all the same. 

“What if it’s a mountain ogre? Or a Slyph with great bat wings?” 

Griffin planted a hand on each of Gulliver’s shoulders and dipped his head to look him in the eye. “I don’t want you watching this fight.”


“When you leave here, find Shauna and get as far away from the castle as you can.”

Gulliver’s bottom lip quivered. “What about Nessa? The king still has her.”

“Practice patience. I will do my best for Nessa but I don’t want my fate to be yours. You’re a good man, Gulliver, but I need to know you’ll be safe.”

He puffed up his chest even as he fought back tears. Griffin yanked him into a hug, not wanting to let go. 

Since entering the prison realm, Griffin had found what he’d sought his whole life, what he’d once deluded himself into thinking he’d found with Regan—the queen who raised him.  

A family. 

He had to fight for them now, to honor them until his last breath. 

Which could very well be today. 

Releasing Gulliver, Griffin pushed him back the way he’d come. “Go before someone sees you.”

Gulliver took a strengthening breath, giving Griffin one last look, before running down the tunnel, leaving Griffin alone once more. 

He’d never been strong in his convictions. At least, not until coming here. He’d had a tendency to let people down, never being who they wanted or needed him to be. The day he’d found the three-year-old Gulliver sleeping on the street, he’d made a vow to himself. He would always be there for him, and he’d try to be better, to do better. For the kid. 

But now, it was time to break that vow. 

It was time to say goodbye to the best friend he’d ever had, Shauna. Time to leave Gulliver as he promised he never would. 

Time to give up on saving the young Nessa, who’d only had eight years of freedom and would spend the rest of her life in captivity. 

He’d failed them all. Because he wasn’t going to win this fight. 

The crowd outside grew louder, their stomps over the tunnel making dirt rain down on him. They came to see a battle, to see blood. 

Footsteps echoed through the tunnel from the arena ahead, and Griffin turned to see the king himself approaching, the short tusks protruding through his beard made his smile seem even darker. 

Griffin didn’t bow, instead he straightened his shoulders and narrowed his eyes. 

A loud clang echoed as King Egan threw a sword at Griffin’s feet. He bent to pick it up, examining the rusted blade and cracked hilt. 

“The great Griffin O’Shea.” The king crossed his arms. 

Griffin didn’t make a habit of sharing his last name, but something told him he didn’t want to find out how the king knew it. Yet… “You don’t get to speak my full name.”

“Your little Nessa has been a great wealth of information.” 

Griffin lunged for him, slamming the king against the stone wall. “What did you do to her?” Even as a kid, Nessa wouldn’t have given information freely to this man, information only Shauna was supposed to know. 

The king smiled. “The child is strong in her convictions. I quite like that. She wouldn’t give me information to save herself. But to save you…”

Griffin cursed. Nessa must have thought telling the king Griffin was of royal blood would earn him a place of power. She was wrong about one thing. Griffin didn’t want that power. 

The king pushed Griffin away and righted himself. “It doesn’t have to come to this. Join me now and this all goes away. I could use a soldier with the royal blood of Iskalt running through his veins.”

Royal blood. The blood of Iskalt, one of the other three fae realms where his brother now held the throne. But Griffin had never honored his blood. He hadn’t chosen Iskalt in the war that brought him here. He’d served the Fargelsi Queen all his life, fighting against both Iskalt and Eldur.  

“I will never join you.” Griffin spat. 

King Egan’s lips ticked up into a pleased smile behind his unkempt beard. “Let’s make this interesting, shall we? I don’t believe you will win, but if you do, the girl’s contract is yours, and you’re free to take her home.”

“The girl… you’d give Nessa to me?”

His smile widened. “Of course. Though, she could have value as an indentured. She’s beautiful. A bit young and weak, but perhaps she’ll prove useful in many ways.”

Griffin gripped the hilt of his sword tighter, wishing he could drive the rusted blade straight through Egan’s belly. But it was no secret the paranoid king surrounded himself with loyal servants who wouldn’t let Griffin take his next breath if he slayed the king where he stood. 

Griffin stepped closer to Egan, dropping his voice. “One day, I’m going to kill you.”

A booming laugh echoed against the stone. “Well, my boy, you must win this day first. I’ll see you in the arena.”

When he was gone, Griffin leaned his head back against the wall, finding a new strength in himself. If he won today, maybe he wouldn’t fail Nessa after all. 

This was for her and every other fae who’d made Griffin one of their own. 

He ran a hand through his long auburn hair, adjusting the ribbon that held it away from his face. 

Ogres were big and dangerous but also slow. He could use that to his advantage. A Slyph however, with their powerful wings, they were fast and difficult to catch. 

A key rattled in the lock at the end of the tunnel that led into the arena. A bald man dressed in the king’s colors stepped in. Black ragged wings protruded from his back. “It is time.” The Slyph spoke with a gravelly voice that matched his countenance. 

Griffin was ready. He would save Nessa or die trying. 

He stepped away from the wall and followed the man through the opening. Rough stone turned to fine sand beneath his feet. 

He couldn’t make out the faces of the crowd in the inky darkness, but that wasn’t unusual. The sun never rose in Myrkur. It was one of the harshest things about this broken and cruel realm. Griffin had almost forgotten what it felt like to have sunlight warm his skin.

Or magic sparking at his fingertips. 

Upon entry into the prison realm, all magic vanished from those who could wield it. Griffin hadn’t been able to call forth his own magic in more than a decade. 

Torches lined the arena and the platform on which the king sat, creating a circle of light. Griffin wiped a sweaty palm on his linen pants before tearing his white shirt off over his head and tossing it to the ground. 

The crowd chanted and cheered along with the rhythm of a heavy drumbeat coming from somewhere behind the king. 

The king stood, and the crowd quieted, straining to hear his every word. “My fae friends, thank you for coming today.” Egan turned to the crowd, raising his hands at their applause. 

Griffin wondered if the crowd was full of only Dark Fae, the ones who were loyal to their king. Or had they forced others to attend these macabre fights?

The king continued. “This morning, the young man before you was given a choice. Serve me or face his own mortality.”

The crowd booed and hissed at Griffin. 

But he wouldn’t let himself become an indentured servant to a corrupt king. He’d faithfully served Regan despite knowing it was wrong. 

Never again. 

“And he has chosen death!”

The crowd roared with anger at Griffin’s audacity to deny their king. 

Griffin refused to look at the fae calling for his demise. 

The king held up a hand to quiet the cheers. “Now, I am not a heartless fool. On the chance Griffin manages to defeat my best warrior, he will win the contract of my newest servant, Nessa.” His eyes drifted to Griffin. “The rules are simple. Fight to the death by any means necessary.” 

If Griffin managed to kill an ogre, he’d have no regrets. He’d take Nessa home, and they’d tell stories of tonight for years to come.  

The thick metal grate blocking the entrance to another tunnel lifted. Griffin braced himself, ready for whatever fae beast came for him.  

Out of the shadows came a warrior. 

Not an ogre. 

And not someone Griffin wanted to kill.

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